Monday, October 5, 2009

Wholesale Designer Handbags - A Fashion and Business Trend

Designer handbags seem to have this unwritten requirement for physical hugeness for them to be fashionably huge as well. These days, the in thing are those bags where you could practically put everything you normally find in your dresser such as your makeup, your jewelry, your cellphones and their chargers, to name a few. Whether it's increased usability or merely the fashion flash of huge designer bags, this trend is definitely in full swing.

Some of the more particularly celebrated names during this period in fashion handbag history are the classics such as Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel who, among others, have just resurrected handbags that are created for function. Wiped out are those little cutesy thingies where nothing seems to fit except the owner's fingers. Now, whether you're a career woman rushing off to a corporate presentation or a housewife picking up some quick groceries at the convenience store, huge bags make you in step with style.

As usual, the variety is something to keep getting excited about. Colors come in the standards blacks and grays and whites without shunning the bolder and sunnier hues that are always great for daytime. From Louis Vuitton's Speedy 35 to Chanel's comebacking quilted 2.55, everything is a perfect combination of style and usability. With a lot of room to use, the wearer is afforded that convenience of having everything she needs in one handbag while still looking fab!

If you want an instant collection of these designer treasures, you can have them as wholesale discount handbags, purses and even jewelry. Big or small, there's nothing you won't find wholesale. But when it comes to the business side of it, there's only big things waiting. When you buy wholesale, you buy cheap which then leaves you a lot of room to make profit out of each designer bag or item you sell. Just put up a website and you've got your own business. Think of how many girls or women just like you would like to have those very designer handbags you're probably considering buying right now.

Want to Know About Men's Fashion?

Men's fashion is not a thing of passe, anymore. Previously, as in a millennium back, if you think deeply, or if you had paid close attention to your history classes, you'd remember that men being too fashion conscious was not really a good thing. Most considered it a precursor to "aberrant" behavior like homosexuality and used to fit these fashion conscious people into water tight compartments of those who can afford to look good and can buy other people's silence, and secondly, those who fall prey to the society's ill treatment and lose their minds.

Things have changed drastically, not only do men have to think twice about their wardrobe, they have to even ponder about the finer aspects like hair style, pedicure and manicure to conjure that superb first impression. The main reason behind this healthy change is that, under preset circumstances of the mad scramble for jobs, employers as well as match finders on matrimonial websites, stress on the importance of their employees being good looking, or at least fairly presentable.

• This is the generation of first impressions, where you make your mark, your presence felt, with your dressing sense and your subtle sense of etiquette.

• Contrary to what society would have one believe, women are not flocking to the man with his pants at his ankles and 3lbs worth of jewelry hanging from his ears, arms, and chest. Instead, women typically prefer a man who looks as if he just stepped out of GQ magazine -- the often overlooked neat and conservative fellow.

However, these neat and conservative dressers are oftentimes overshadowed by the millions of men who commit fashion suicide on a daily basis. Basic fashion awareness and striving to look good is not a bad thing in itself. Your profession, education or even physique is not an issue because no matter whom you are, looking good is important. Every man should dress appropriately and according to the occasion. It helps if you have a personal sense of fashion and can work towards building it. Men's fashion is a thriving industry today, thanks to the constant need of people to enhance self-image. Here are some men's fashion tips to guide you in choosing the right outfit for yourself.

• Do away with those baggy t-shirts and torn jeans for almost every occasion. It shows a lack of personal interest in dressing up to the occasion.

• Every man should own include a good pair of jeans, handsome shoes, a variety of ties, a good briefcase and a versatile jacket. These should flexibly include clothes that can be worn for essential work and leisure wear that reflects your personality and style.

Experiment with colors and don't skip out on the all important daily schedules of health and hygiene. Personal cleanliness is the first to realizing the benefits of a conscious dresser; you don't want to ruin that tweed suit with a bad case of skin rash or body odor. Always use a body deodorant to mask your body odor.

How Hip Hop Clothing is Beating the Recession

Hip hop clothing continues to inspire new trends in the fashion world. Once though of as a passing fad like the rap music that inspired it, the growth and expansion of urban wear continues to marvel skeptics across the globe. In fact, many skeptics who once criticized it have now joined the trend by not only marketing but manufacturing it as well.

With the recession hitting many brick and mortar retailers as well as online marketers the saving grace that has helped many survive has been the latest hip hop fashion items they stock. "This is a market that sees no end in sight," says Saul Levine, a marketing consultant located in the hip hop clothing capital Brooklyn, New York. This trend has grown far beyond what anyone had envisioned. Think about it, this is a fashion trend invented by chance, by necessity or both by youngsters in the Brooklyn and Bronx ghettos. Now it has quickly grown to engulf, influence and dominate every fashion trend it's come up against for the past 10 years.

Now every major fashion house claws to get or maintain market share for their urban wear line. Think about it, where else does a product have hundreds of individuals endorsers (rappers) who indirectly market your products every time they appear before millions. In turn these million of rabid fans not only hang on their every word or rap lyric, they analyze, memorize and examine every stitch of clothing they wear from head to toe. Is it any wonder why or how this market has grown so fast and continues to grow.

Add another element such as video and you can see how this industry has grown so fast in so little time. Now you can find people wearing hip hop clothing in all 4 corners of the globe, from China to Chile, from the hottest climates to the coldest. Where's the end to all of this, I'll let you know when I find it. Peace

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Best Styles For Petite Dresses and What to Avoid

There are many different styles for petite dresses for smaller women to choose from that can help them enhance their figure. There are hundreds of shops that have a petite section for smaller women so that they can feel comfortable with what they wear. Here are some of the best styles to make the most of your dress and also what to avoid:

Knee length and short petite dresses work very well for shorter, more petite women as they show off a lot of your legs making your legs look a lot longer and leaner, by combining a short dress with high heels you will create the effect that you are a lot taller than what you really are.

Very long petite dresses also look flattering on petite women, especially ankle length dresses because they also create the effect that you are taller. It is not a great idea to go for calf length dresses though as they tend to cut off the look that you want and can actually make you look shorter.

V-neck dresses look fantastic on petite women as it creates the effect of a longer, slimmer neck. This draws more attention to your neckline causing the person to look up and down so that you look taller. It isn't a good idea to mix this type of dress with a wide belt as it can give the opposite effect by making the body look like it is cut in half.

Vertical patterns on petite dresses also give a great effect of making you look taller as well as slimmer, if this is the look you are going for. It has the same illusion as the v-neck dress, but be very careful wearing horizontal lines as they have the complete opposite effect and they can make you look a lot shorter and also wider, even taller women have a hard time pulling this type of pattern off.

Another good idea is to keep to a simple color plan with whichever style of petite dresses that you wear, by wearing a mixture of colors as they have the same effect as when you use a wide belt, cutting your body in half and making you look shorter.

Punk Clothing Styles of Past and Present

Every young generation throughout history tries to establish new culture by bringing great changes in music, culture and customs. They bring changes through music and accessories and try to reject the status quo of established culture. Rock n roll created similar rebellion after World War 2. Rock culture brought rock clothing to the streets and changed the entire generation.

Heavy metal followed after rock n roll, as it brought the emphasis of music with great variations involving guitars and drums as central role. Heavy metal followers brought change in the societies with their punk shirts. These music groups supported the anti-establishment roots and formed the foundation of rock clothing.

Punk rock clothing generated a sub culture that thrived several generations. We can find its presence even today in the form of latest punk shirts and rock clothing. You can still find rock attitude encompassing among sub-genre. Today punk rock songs are different, as they are characterized by bare instruments, politically motivated lyrics with themes that bonds culture.

Nowadays you will find Punk lovers wearing Pullover hoodies. Pullover hoodies remind people the days of slavery, where young African men and women were brought as salves in Europe and America. You will find these hoodies often sported by famous African Americans.

Designing Punk hoodies can be of a great fun. You can make your own design and can even send to a garment store where they will print your design.

While designing Punk clothing, you have to lay more emphasis on working for the well being of the society, by inscribing inspiring messages. You can stick these messages with the help of pins, and tapes. Punk lovers do celebrate events by putting great shows at carnivals. At various public events you will find them wearing accessories like heavy jewelry, often which are pierced on skin and tongue.

Punk stars support weird hairstyles. Their hairstyles are often very attractive and sometimes mindboggling. You can ask your hairstylist to help you with Punk hair style.

If you want to be a punk rock star who dares to change the establishment of the current system then PunkStuff is a place where you will find incredible punk shirts and various pullover hoodies including great accessories. If you have a desire to wear what you design, then this online portal will help you custom design your products. The delivery of products is fast and competent

The World of Fashion

Fashion is one of the most interesting subject in the world. Its an important aspect in most culture. Different clothes are worn in different cultures. There are number of colors and variety of clothes that are worn by different people in different regions of world. There are number of different styles, colors, clothes and accessories.

Fashion represents one culture different to the other. Fashion is one the great way to express ones feelings. Bright colors show happiness. And the opposite colors will show probably sad, and especially at a day like that everyone is wearing black. Fashion also depends on mood and situations. People dress up as per the occasions. On some happiest moments of life or any party or wedding people love to wear bright and stylish clothes. And on some sad situations or on lost of someone people mostly dress up with white and black dresses, depends on their region or culture.

So fashion is the only element that makes your day special with your love ones. If we talk about India, then India is very rich in using bright colors, long dresses specially on some special events and occasions. India has number of cultures and festival in it. For every festival different styles of clothes and appearances are used.

Fashion shows are also playing an important part in spreading fashion. Fashions shows play an important part in spreading one's culture and fashion in other cultures. Through fashion shows people know about fashion of different cultures, try to grab them and no doubt we love the fashion trends of others and always remain interested in knowing others' fashion.

These days number of fashion shows and fashion weeks are organized in different parts of the world, showing different cultures, variety of clothes with number of styles and attractive colors. Fashion shows have become an important place to know about new fashion and fashion trends. Fashion shows are organized on corporate levels and number of celebrities and common people participate in it to get the ideas on new fashion and clothes.

How to Be Fashionable

Fashion is exactly a kind of investment in which the more wisely people put into, the more profits fashion returns. The point different with real investment is people do not get profit like money, share or realty. Female is the biggest operator and get reward of beauty, charm and elegance.

To be fashionable is funny; however, to be familiar with fashion is completely difficult. You were required to pay close attention to what the hottest item is at different times and make sure your dress is the best statement with fashion. To be stylish, you need to know what to get and where to get duly. Pieces on celebs always seem fabulous. Being in fashion asks you to follow closely after trendsetters as well.

Getting the latest product was exactly successful in being stylish before; however, changes take place nowadays. You have to know and dress the most popular trends and also be wise in your investment! Renewing looks more frequently yet avoiding empty-handed is the secret to be fashionable nowadays!

Where to get the most stylish information? I truly believe life requires us to be leery. Anything around us may convey the latest vogue symbol. Internet can not be neglected absolutely. Its connection with the whole world by thousands of miles of cable enables people to share information in the shortest time. Check on some vogue website such as fashion showroom, seventeen, abuse, and breed regularly to know what is hot and not so. Information on magazines also helps you to complete your fashion data. The last method is neglected by many people. I talk about friends and go into some forums sometimes. They do not only replenish my fashion understanding, but tell me where to buy the latest products that always is neglected on vogue magazines.

How to be fashionable? A stylish look can not go without a handbag. Celebrities always present us with the hottest handbags. Stunning overall look seems perfect adding a unique bag, doesn't it? Common people can be as shiny as Hollywood starlets once getting the trendiest designer replica handbags. They are cheap, costing you ten percent of the authentic line. A clever investment on it enables you to update looks as fast as you like. Fake bags of top quality seem the same with the real line nowadays. They are carried to whatever occasion and splurged among females, even sent as birthday gifts. Their arrivals deal with tight budget perfectly. Shiny and plush leather, smooth and soft fabric, even stitching, antique hardware, handy shoulder strap are all available on replica handbags. To get in the circle of celebs, you need to catch up with the hottest tide on handbags.

Being in fashion asks you to spruce up your wardrobe with pops of light continuously. Transform views on apparel a bit. Fashion astonishes people by seeming disharmonious designs sometimes. Sun-top and hot pants are truly sexy; however, wearing them while casual outfit dominates in fashion world only results you into being outdated. High heels are beautiful; however, they destroy the whole theme while plats impress people. Catching up with tide of fashion, you can not normally wear everyday. Some bold attempts assure you to be more eye-catching.

Dressing to look stylish is perfect yet not enough. As the main operator in fashion, women should care your face and skin. Cosmetics are necessary. Girlish makeup seems perfect for casual party. Thin makeup avoids seeming aging due to everyday similar work. Heavy makeup is sexy, visual-appealing in evening parties. Natural cosmetics and skin care products hide defects on females' faces and make them become more confident. To be stylish requires you to dress you up according to occasion.

Fashion does not stay in the front part. Many women tie hair back everyday. Straight and blond hair is beautiful indeed; however, keeping a hairstyle too long looks like a plastic flower. It may be pretty yet does not know changes of season. Neither appreciates irrigation of rain or irradiation of sun. Contact your hairdresser regularly. A beautiful style on hair does not make you look more stylish, but presents others with a younger look.

To be fashionable means getting the latest products on the cheapest prices. You will find vogue is really funny if being a wise investor.